Sweet Isla Joy

Just popping by to share that our sweet Isla Joy arrived this past Saturday. It was a beautiful experience bringing her into this world. Praising God that I was able to deliver her naturally, with my husband by my side encouraging me each step of the way. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. She truly is a delight!

Jennifer Poppy

“Aloha Y’all” Fashion Tanks, Tees & Mugs

If you already read my most recent post, “Why We Moved from Maui,” then you are in on my little secret of creating something fun in the midst of this change…

I wanted to  do something to help make this transition easier from Hawaii back to Texas for our family, as we left behind my husband’s real estate business and are starting from scratch again. With our daughter’s birth happening any day now I knew that handmaking something to sell might not be in the cards for me, so instead I did something I’ve always wanted to do: design a  T-shirt.

Aloha Y’all


Kelly Green Tank

So in an effort to give it a shot I created this design inspired by our daughter, who will be a little bit of island and a little bit of southern belle. I didn’t forget about the guys, either! I also created unisex T-shirts and Hoodies for those not into tank tops.




Click to Shop: Black T-shirt



If you like this design, would you consider purchasing one of these Aloha Y’all pieces I created to help support our family? Or perhaps you know someone with a love for the islands, would you be willing to share a link to my shop with them? Shop the Look Here.

This design is available until October 26. We’ve met the minimum requirement for the order to be placed, but to meet my goal we need to sell at least 50 pieces. Any order is appreciated!

You can share your aloha spirit and southern charm wherever you are in the world…thank you for your love and support! I can’t wait to see these tops on you!!! So fun!

Hugs & Aloha,



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