From Ordinary Days to an Extraordinary Destiny

Aloha amigos!

Back in September 2011 I began a blog series titled “31 Days of Adventure:  From Ordinary Days to an Extraordinary Destiny.” My pre-Hawaii blog is private, as the journey was such a raw experience from the start that I wanted to begin anew with “Island Gypsy Hawaii”. However, I felt this particular blog post was worth repeating here. I hope you find a bit of encouragement through it for your own journey on this adventure of life. 

xoxo ~Jennifer

Destiny via Jennifer Poppy of Island Gypsy Hawaii

(11.27.2011) Yesterday I shared that our family is embarking on a big adventure in the coming days but rather than overwhelming your mind in a-way-too-long-to-write single post, I will be sharing this journey through a series of posts.  (It’s more fun that way, anyway, don’t you think?)

Dreams Passed Down from the Last Generation

Living Your Destiny via Island Gypsy Hawaii


Sometimes there’s so much to a story that you just don’t know where to begin.  And that’s where I found myself as I pondered how I would share this journey with you.  Then today I was in the garage rummaging through old photos when I came across a letter my Grammie (Great-Grandmother) wrote me on my 16th birthday.  I thought it would be the perfect way to begin the story of this adventure called “my life.”

Our Dear Sweet Gypsy —

May you be as sweet at sixty as you are now that you are sixteen.

Living Your Destiny via Island Gypsy Hawaii (Jennifer Poppy)

May you be as intelligent at ninety and all the years in between.

Living Your Destiny via Island Gypsy Hawaii (Jennifer Poppy)

May the ladder you climb reach to the stars and moon.

Living Your Destiny via Island Gypsy Hawaii (Jennifer Poppy)

May you wrap the rainbows around you like a butterfly nestles in a cocoon.

Living Your Destiny via Island Gypsy Hawaii (Jennifer Poppy)

May all that’s happy and good follow you from room to room.


We love you,
PaPa & Grammie

Are you facing a time of transition? Wondering about your “destiny”? I recently read a good book that emphasized the importance of remaining curious. We may not know what our “passions” are but we can always find something that sparks interest in our souls. Then perhaps after we dig a little deeper we uncover what we were created for in the first place.

Living Your Destiny via Island Gypsy Hawaii (Jennifer Poppy)

Thanks for letting me take a look back at the beginning of this adventure…

Livin’ la vida aloha,

Beachy + Boho Living Room Inspo

Aloha friends,

Am I the only one who feels like January blew right past us? Oh my! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the hubs and I were recently gifted with a fun adventure, which I will be sharing with you when cupid’s day draws near. (If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll get a sneak preview. So, yay!)

But that’s not what I’m here to share with you today…do you ever have something happen so out of left-field that you couldn’t imagine it in your wildest dreams? (Well, this wouldn’t be my wildest dream, but it’s a huge answer to prayer!) Since moving to Hawaii my nickname “Gypsy” has proven more true than ever, as we have moved more times than I care to recall. In fact, we just past the four year anniversary of selling our home in Texas before moving to Hawaii. We moved to Maui with our family of four as a step of faith, with a dream in our pocket and without a job lined up (not the greatest way to move, mind you). Before making the move to the middle of the Pacific, I researched towns to live in on Maui. A few people suggested renting in different parts of the island before settling down, so as to get a better idea of what fit our needs best. I thought, “Well, that doesn’t seem realistic!” But four years down the road, I can say that I have lived in several towns on Maui. While my gypsy soul loves change, my mama heart just wants to settle in because – wait for it – I hate packing, unpacking, setting up house, then packing and unpacking again. It’s not fun, you guys. One day I’m going to write a book, and I’m sure I’ll detail our journey there, but for now just know I think we’re finally figuring out where we need to live as a family on Maui. Whew…that only took four years. Haha! (And of course, the Lord likes to surprise me, so I’ll just say it right here that I welcome changes that He brings but look forward to more consistency for the time being…)


(Look at how little Gabe was when we first moved to Maui! So long ago…)

So, back to what happened…my hubby is a realtor  and recently had clients purchase a home, who also needed to rent out their condo. For the last six months we’ve been renting a too-small-for-us apartment, 20-minutes from our kids’ school, church and work. All of that driving isn’t cheap and I’m not a fan of commuting, either. After much prayer this door opened for us: we are moving to this condo, with more space and close to everywhere we need to be, which will hopefully allow us to save more for our future.

Which leads me to the purpose of this post: our new space is coming furnished, so working with the existing furniture, including chocolate brown cozy couches, I’ve created a moodboard that exudes Beachy + Boho feels.

Beachy + Boho Living Room inspo by Jennifer Poppy of
I’m excited to have a space where I can hopefully settle in for a while, near the beach and our family’s activities! As you can see I’m hoping to have lots of fun colors and natural elements. I love the bohemian look, but I also love simple, white spaces as well. So, hopefully even with an eclectic look it can feel pulled together and peaceful, at least that’s the goal.

Are you a stay-in-one-place kind of person, or a change-is-more-fun kind of person? How do you handle moving? Are you a fellow Hawaii transplant? Thanks for following me on this journey.

Happy Aloha Friday,



Pintxo Sauce = Awesomesauce

Last fall I was sent the most delicious gift in the mail: Pintxo Sauce
“Mediterranean Magic Roasted Red Pepper Sauce”.

pintxo sauceY’all, our jar of Pintxo Sauce (Pronounced “Peen-cho!”) did not last long in the house because I literally put it on everything: as a dipping sauce for chicken, as a topping for baked potato, as a complement to my breakfast burrito and even as a replacement for my salsa with tortilla chips.


As you can see, the smoky sauce added a smile to my taco salad. Hehe! I never knew you could enjoy one sauce with so many meals. The flavor reminded me of this wonderful enchilada sauce my husband and I enjoyed at a restaurant in Colorado many years ago on our honeymoon. I tried recreating it before, but now I don’t have to as Pintxo Sauce brings back into my life that yummy flavor. Needless to say, I’m going to need to order another bottle for myself soon. Creator/Owner Jay Valencia suggests these additional foods to try with your Pintxo Sauce:

  • Marinades / Add a little oil
  • Hummus / Add directly to cooked and blended garbanzos
  • Spreads / Cream Cheese (Bagels and Lox), Sour Cream-CremeFraiche (Chip Dips, Fish), Goat Cheese
  • Sandwiches / Add to mayo or veganaise
  • Soups
  • Tossed Green Salads / thin sauce with lemon, orange, pineapple, mango, blueberry or lilikoi juice. Toss greens and plate.
  • Roasting and Grilling / Beef (Burgers), Tenderloin, Skirt Steak, Pork (LauLau), Chicken under and over skin.
  • Improved spicing : Add curry spices, jerk spices or cajun/creole spiced heat.

While several stores in California carry this magical little sauce, fortunately for me here in Hawaii, it can also be ordered online: Pintxo Sauce.

Let me know if you give it a try!

Livin’ la vida aloha,