Heads Up ~ Surfs Up!

Source: peacelovebex.tumblr.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

When the surf is up on Maui, you will not be hard-pressed to find everyone at the beach, either surfing or watching your friends surf. It’s much like life: you’re either actively riding the waves or sitting watching others pursue the rush of actually living. What I’ve found to be true is that the more simply I live, the more I can pursue that which creates joy, peace and purpose in my life, uncluttered by the “stuff” that so often pulls me away from the meaningful.

For years I studied the art of living simply, I’d read books about it, grab trash bags and set my timer to rid our home of the “extraneous” and on and on. But I still held tightly…tightly to the extra headboard…tightly to the old books…tightly to the unwanted clothes…just in case. But when my family and I began to prepare to move to the island it was time to truly live simply, to truly let go of the “extra.”

And so I did.

It was worth every garage sale, donation and trip to the trash can. Simplifying our “stuff” and scaling back to the essentials helped me to learn what really matters to me. Like photos, journals, heirloom jewelry, favorite art pieces, those are a few of my favorite things. But even those pale in comparison to my love for my husband, my two sons and our family and friends. The relationships I have with each of them matter more than all the “stuff” in the world. By simplifying my life I’ve been able to enlarge my time for others. Everything being dusted and perfect in the house is nice, but no longer my priority. I like it clean, but cleaning all day is no longer my goal. Being outside or exploring a new place is how I would rather spend my time.

So “heads up ~ surfs up” as in life is happening out there…are we gonna do what it takes to truly live it or are we gonna sit on the sidelines? The choice is ours.


Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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