Island Living between Baldwin Beach and Ho’okipa (Maui, Hawaii)

Paia, Maui, Hawaii, Map


If you had told me that I would ever live between two famous beaches, Baldwin Beach and Ho’okipa, I would’ve never believed you. But for a time our family had the joy of living in Paia Town in Maui, Hawaii. Our neighborhood was right off “The Road to Hana” and we were in walking distance to the town’s shops and beaches, of course.

Baldwin Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Baldwin Beach Park Lifeguard Stand

You can find my favorite lifeguard stand on the whole island of Maui right there at Baldwin Beach. The happy yellow sits adjacent to soaring palm trees, whipped by the windy breezes of the North Shore. I spent many a day walking this beach, pondering life, running into  neighbors and collecting seashells.

Ho'okipa - Windsurfing Capitol of the World - Maui, Hawaii

Ho’okipa – Windsurfing Capitol of the World

And Ho’okipa – be still my heart. This is hands down my favorite place to go on the island. Surfers from around the world gather here to catch that elusive wave of their lives. It’s dubbed the “Windsurfing Capitol of the World” and rightly so, with perfect conditions coming together to create waves windsurfers only dream about…except the ones that actually get to Maui, Hawaii, to catch them. They live the dream.

But this Road to Hana and stretch of living life between Baldwin Beach and Ho’okipa means more to me than just a place for gawking at surfers. It means joining in the life that happens all around, in nature, the way the Creator intended us to live…seeking to honor each other, honor the land and above all honor Him. Some of us get away from that…the worship of the Creator, but oh how it’s written in our hearts. I think one way we can honor Him is by helping our fellow man.

You may be asking yourself, how did you get from telling me about these cool beaches to helping people? Well, it’s because on the Road to Hana, past these beautiful beaches live people…people who work hard, care much and live aloha. Some of the people I’m talking about work at Haiku School in Haiku, Hawaii. My oldest son had the privilege of attending Haiku School, with the sweetest principal and perfect teacher for his little (or rather big) personality. Visiting Hawaii you may or may not think about how locals live or what their needs may be but believe it or not there are needs in paradise. Having lived there my heart is connected to not just the land but the people. And my desire is to help where I am able. But I can’t do it alone…so I thought I’d share…a way we can care, even if miles away.

Haiku Elementary School

My son outside his island school room.

Haiku School sends out a “wish list” on a regular basis…some of the “wishes” are for the most basic of needs, like gently used clothing for the nurse’s office or a bookshelf in a classroom. I’ve posted the most recent listing in case you’d like to help, even if from afar, items can be shipped in flat-rate boxes or donations made to Haiku Elementary, 105 Pauwela Road, Haiku, Hawaii 96708 :

Is there something on this list that you could help us with? 
If so, please call the office at 808-575-3004, 
or just drop off the items to the School
Office. Mahalo!
  • Small microwave for the A+ After-School Program.
  • The health room is in need of extra clothing to have on hand. Used shorts and shirts in sizes 4-12, for both boys and girls. Also new packages of underwear for both boys & girls would be appreciated.
  • A large mirror for the Faculty/Staff restroom.
  • Gravel for upper parking lot.
  • A couch for our Behavioral Specialist’s office.
  • Electric pencil sharpener for 4th Grade Teacher Jen Smith.
  • Vacuum cleaner for the PSAP room.
  • Games for the Walters(2nd grade)/Roddy(5th grade) Book Buddies students – Checkers, Uno, Connect 4, Bananagrams, Yahtzee, etc.
  • 4th Grade Teacher Lisa Callaci needs a volunteer to make a book shelf display. She will provide the wood and has a sample to copy.

Paia, Maui, Hawaii, Map


The next time you think of the Road to Hana or pass Ho’0kipa I hope you remember the people behind the scenery…and know that there’s a way we can touch lives, whether we’re island living or mainland living. Life is happening all around, will we jump in and be part of it?


7 thoughts on “Island Living between Baldwin Beach and Ho’okipa (Maui, Hawaii)

  1. I never really thought of it, but I suppose people need help in Hawaii as much as the rest of the world. I can see that it wouldn`t exactly be a low income place to live, and money probably goes more towards nature land tourist pursuits than education. Thanks for raising awareness on this one!

  2. Nothing’s better than a ice cold beer, a grill with steaks for pupus, waves, and friends. I love this, it makes me miss home. 🙂 Makes me wish I could go back and take more/better pictures than I already have.

    • This is about one of the best comments I could receive – and it’s because you have that same heart, for the real Hawaii and the people of the island. Hopefully you’ll get a trip back soon!

Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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