Travel Thursday #1 (Maui, Hawaii)

Living in a popular destination location like Maui is pricey, but the good news is that as long as you can afford a tank of gas and have some time to spare you can explore some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Each Thursday I hope to share with you spots to visit in Hawaii, whether it be a local coffee shop or a famous beach. So without further adieu, here’s “Island Gypsy Hawaii – Travel Thursday” numero 1.

Pukalani, Hawaii (Upcountry Maui)

haleakala view

I took this photo from the kitchen in our first house in Pukalani, Hawaii. Tourists sometimes skip the Upcountry to take in more beach time. But if you have a spare afternoon in your travel schedule Upcountry Maui is something to definitely put at the top of the list. The views of the island from Pukalani are breathtaking, and while the town is small there are a few places to enjoy while on vacation.

Starbucks, Pukalani, Hawaii


The small Starbucks coffee shop is located in the town’s shopping center. It boasts large windows for taking in the island’s beauty, as well as the local swimming pool. If you don’t mind the cooler temperatures, the public swimming pool facility is free. There’s also a beautiful track, with rolling hills and a brand-new playscape for the keiki, all located within walking distance of each other. (although there is a “busy” street, that is island busy) in between the shopping center and the park, so be careful if you do choose to go by foot.

Pukalani Pool


Located just a bit further into Pukalani is a beautiful golf course. I don’t play golf, so I can’t promise that this is the best the island has to offer, but I imagine it’s enjoyable for an afternoon of play. I love taking walks around the golf course, as the views can’t be beat and the hills are great for the glutes, too! 🙂



Those are just a handful of things Pukalani, Hawaii, has to offer you as a tourist or longtime resident. I look forward to sharing more about this Upcountry Town in the future! Let me know if you have any questions.

With mucho aloha,


6 thoughts on “Travel Thursday #1 (Maui, Hawaii)

  1. Is the Pukalani Pool free to EVERYONE or just residents? If residents only, what is used to prove residency? We just moved here and can’t find out the answer to this question yet! Thanks.

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