Monday – Keepin’ it Coastal (Design for the Island Life)


Isn’t that the truth? Beach lovers will all agree: the ocean, sand and sea air stay in your soul forever! As I mentioned on Friday I cannot wait to be back home, in my husband’s arms, with our children around us, taking in the sand and the sea together. And now I have a countdown: 12 more days until we return. The boys and I are beyond thankful!

Our rental home has a tiny bathroom, which is not abnormal for island homes. So today’s coastal design will feature options for storage in tiny bathrooms, along with some cute beach decor:


I love the use of a vintage cabinet to hide bathroom necessities. I’ll be on the lookout for a cabinet to refinish, maybe I’ll find one at the local Habitat ReStore, Salvation Army or garage sale. Those are my favorite places for finding items in Maui.


If I had a little more space in our island bathroom I would totally put in a cabinet like this one. Even though I won’t have room for one, I could still use that happy color on some shelving. Turquoise…I love it!


Old crates would be another fun option for providing extra storage in a tiny bathroom. Perhaps someone had left over wine crates that I could use instead of them going to waste. I do always love a good “upcycle.”


These 8″ deep shelves would fit perfectly in the space we have but I still may look for another cabinet to use instead. I’m torn between the clean lines of these shelves and the interesting character a vintage shelf or crate would add to a small bathroom.

Do you have any tips for storage organization in a small bathroom?

Have a happy day!
Gypsy (aka Jen) 🙂


Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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