Simple Island Home

Aloha friends!

It’s been raining a ton here in Maui causing a sort of cabin fever for us. Thankfully my husband got a job on Lahaina side yesterday so we had a great excuse to go explore the Westside when I picked him up. Our first stop? Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop. But that was before I even picked up my hubby. My friend works there so I thought it would be fun to surprise her and say hi. This pie shop is beyond cute…I highly recommend you pay it a visit if you’re on island.

Now that you’re dreaming about pies, here’s a little sweet kitchen action for the simple island home:


This “bar” is beyond cute…a total tropical vibe. You could even make it kid friendly with more of a “summer drink” bar look, i.e. fresh lemonade, sweet tea (for the Southern folks out there), fruit-infused water, etc.


I love the whimsical look of this kitchen, what with the whisk light (love me some upcycled pieces) and the rolling island? It’s so clean, open and homey all at the same time. Simple beautiful!


This turquoise pitcher is perfection for the simple island home. It would work to hold all those yummy summer drinks or a fresh bouquet of flowers from the local farmer’s market.


Ooh and look! I found the perfect kitchen to pair with that turquoise pitcher. Aren’t the green and blue just gorgeous? Island-y homes make me smile…

And now I hope you have a smile on your face, too, dreaming of Leoda’s pies and island kitchens.

Have a happy day!


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Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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