Happy Aloha Friday

Happy Aloha Friday, y’all!

This week in Maui was quite eventful: history making waves on the Northshore, and super cold temps this morning. It’s 57 degrees here, and thanks to no home insulation, heaters or fireplaces, we feel every bit of the cold. And I’m officially a wimp when it comes to winter now, as it feels like 30 degrees to me. Apparently if I were on the mainland right now, in the middle of the crazy snow in Texas, I’d be laying in the fetal position squarely in front of a heater. So there’s that.

To help us all get through this cold…enjoy this winter Maui sunset. And grab a hot coffee, a blankie & maybe a cuddle-buddy. Thankfully, my sons still love to cuddle.  🙂

happy aloha island gypsy hawaii

I have a feeling that when someone in Hawaii says, “Sending warm wishes,” and you are freezing.cold.on.the.mainland, you can’t help but think, “Really, warm wishes won’t help me much. Thanks.”

And what we in Hawaii might mean is, “I’m glad it’s you and not me.”

But REALLY we mean, “I wish you were here.”

With mucho aloha,



Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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