DIY Upcycled Planter Container


“Faith plants the seed, love makes it grow.”

Aloha! Last week my kindergartener came home with a wonderful surprise from the school garden: organic chocolate mint! I just love our boys’ little island school. One of the most fun programs they offer is a gardening class. Living in Hawaii creates the wonderful opportunity to garden year round, so these kids get to go in, get their hands dirty, plant seeds, watch the plants grow, then as fifth graders they sell their produce to help fund their class trip.

Anyway, I wanted to do something special with my son and help him care for his plant. So, we upcycled a plastic container and turned it into a planter!

We have a Coscto here in Maui and one of our staples from are mixed nuts, which come in these handy plastic containers.

upcycled planter via Island Gypsy Hawaii

These containers are great for storing all of our random craft supplies, food for the beach, and now for keeping this little chocolate mint plant alive!

upcycled planter via Island Gypsy Hawaii

Tutorial for DIY Upcycled Planter Container:

1. Cut top of plastic container off, so that it fits neatly inside your basket (this step may be unnecessary for you depending on the size of your basket, obviously).

upcycled planter via Island Gypsy Hawaii

2. Fill the plastic container with rocks and a coffee filter for drainage.

3. Add potting soil then fit your plant inside the soil, wtihout covering the plant.

upcycled planter via Island Gypsy Hawaii

4. For an island charm, add beach rocks and coral to top it off.

Finally, find a sweet kindergartener to water your adorable plant in its new upcycled planter container.

upcycled planter via Island Gypsy Hawaii

And no, I do not have twins, that’s just a mirror in case you were wondering.

Happy Creating!



Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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