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Aloha my Island Gypsy Hawaii friends!

If you’re new here, I’m kicking off a new blog series today…called “Instagramming Maui: A to Z of My Island Life.” You can find a post that includes links to the entire series here, which I’ll be adding to on a regular basis. And here’s a link to my instagram site in case you’d like to stop by there. Now…onto the fun!


A is for…


I bet you thought I was going to write “a” is for “aloha” – right? Well, okay, I kind of did…but also “a” is for “avocado.” My family absolutely LOVES avocados and seeing as we live in Maui, we are blessed to enjoy them fresh off the tree. (Not our tree, mind you, but dear sweet baby Jesus, I pray that one day, yes, we will have our very own avocado tree!!!)

When we first moved to Maui a little over two years ago, our dear landlord’s wife would bring us fresh fruits and veggies on a regular basis. One day she brought us the largest honkin’ black produce we’d ever seen. We didn’t know quite what to do with it. And we didn’t know quite what it was, in fact. So we waited to cut it open. And we waited…and waited some more. Finally, one day I got brave enough and opened up the thing. Just as you probably suspect, lo and behold it was an avocado! The largest avocado I’d ever laid eyes on in my entire life!!!

From that day forward when a neighbor or friend brought us fruits or veggies, we would never hesitate to open the ripened avocados, or ask what the other mysterious foods were…I mean, it could cost us guacamole and we believe in the importance of no avocado left behind. Blessed avocados…Ahh, so yummy!

Have you ever had fresh avocado from Hawaii? What’s your favorite guacamole recipe? I’m a Tex-Mex fan, so do share! Oh yeah, remember if you wanna find me on Instagram, I’m Island Gypsy Hawaii. And if you’d like to receive each blog post via email just subscribe on the sidebar. Mahalo!



7 thoughts on “Instagramming Maui: A is for…

    • Yum – I ate avocado with my eggs this morning – lol. Probably around the same time as your lunch due to the time difference. I look forward to checking out your body beauty blogs! Aloha, Jennifer

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