Instagramming Maui: “G” is for…


Aloha amigos!

For those of you new to Island Gypsy Hawaii, I’m doing a blog series right now, “Instagramming Maui: A to Z of My Island Life” today. You can find a post that includes links to the entire series here, which I’ll be adding to on a regular basis. And here’s a link to my instagram site in case you’d like to stop by there.


G is for…



G is for Gypsy, of course!

The name “gypsy” is a mixed bag these days, but I’ve always loved this nickname that my great-grandfather (a.k.a. PawPaw) gave me back when I was just a little girl. I still have letters addressed from my great-grandparents to me with, “Our Dear Sweet Gypsy…” and I cherish their words. So, why the nickname? My PawPaw told me it was because of my dark brown eyes, which have actually lightened quite a bit over the years.


When we moved to Maui a little over two years ago, I was thinking about continuing my creative endeavors via a small business and the name “Island Gypsy” came to mind. I added “Hawaii” to it, to indicate which island gypsy 😉

Over the last several years our family has moved quite a bit, although we’ve managed to stay put in the same island cottage for the last year, and I think I may have all of my gypsy-moving out of my system for now! (It’s the packing and moving stuff that’s put a halt to all that daydreamy-stuff). Haha!

But I love gypsy style, the vibrant colors, the free spirit, the love of change…yeah, I’ll always be a “gypsy” at heart, in the best sense of the name.


Do you have a fun childhood nickname, too? Would you consider yourself a bit of “gypsy,” too?

With mucho aloha,

Note: The original photo from the one above was taken by my beautiful photographer friend Chantelle in the summer of 2012 over at the Hui in Makawao, Hawaii. 



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Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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