Instagramming Maui: “I” is for…


Aloha – are you still there? I’m finally back. I didn’t really go anywhere, except, well, not keeping up with my A to Z Instagramming Maui Series. However, I was still posting on Instagram 😉

For those of you new to Island Gypsy Hawaii, I started a blog series back in April, “Instagramming Maui: A to Z of My Island Life.” You can find a post that includes links to the entire series here, which I’ll be adding to on a regular basis. And here’s a link to my instagram site in case you’d like to stop by there.Instagram-Maui-Island-Gypsy-Hawaii

I is for…



I is for Inspiration.

You see, sometimes you need to be inspired by someone or something to take action. And even when you do xyz there’s still a time of waiting for that right door to open. I’m grateful that that “right door” did open this past March when Nicole Shipman of Maui Family Magazine invited me on board as a writer/editor. My Maui mama friend Sarah Burns of The Ohana Mama had connected us, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I was inspired by this fun Maui magazine when we first moved to the island over two years ago. Ihad hoped to write for Maui Family Magazine one day…and now today I’m sitting here with a thankful heart.

Inspiration…where do you hope it takes you?

With mucho aloha,

PS If you live on Maui and are looking for fun activities to do with your kiddos, tips for overcoming summer boredom, ways to connect with your baby, and every summer camp known to man…then be sure to pick up your free copy of Maui Family Magazine. You can find it at over 1,000 locations in Maui County.


Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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