Instagramming Maui: “K” is for…


Happy Monday!

For those of you new to Island Gypsy Hawaii, I started a blog series back in April, “Instagramming Maui: A to Z of My Island Life.” You can find a post that includes links to the entire series here, which I’ll be adding to on a regular basis. And here’s a link to my instagram site in case you’d like to stop by there.




K is for…



K is for Keiki.

Keiki = kids

We have two of them. One born from my heart, the other born from my tummy…brothers.

Here’s the youngest one hamming it up: I call this the “Pretend Pout.”


If you’re on Maui & needing ideas for activities in the summer (it’ll be here before we know it!) then be sure to pick up your free copy of Maui Family Magazine. There’s a huge summer program guide & other great articles.

maui-family-magazine-jennifer-poppyDo you have any fun summer plans? Will you be making a trip to Hawaii? There’s more to do here than just the beach 🙂 although the beach is enough for me!


With mucho aloha,




Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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