Sell Everything and Move to Hawaii – at least that’s what I did!

We’re interrupting your regularly scheduled blog series: Instagramming Maui – A to Z of My Island Life to share my updated bio…because you know that you wanna know more about this Island Gypsy Hawaii! 🙂

Island Gypsy Hawaii . Livin’ La Vida Aloha

Have you ever held a dream in your heart? One of mine came true when my husband, two sons and I sold our home, our car & our stuff to move to Hawaii! This lifelong dream, turned ongoing adventure has been worth it all.


So, why Island Gypsy Hawaii?

I’ve always had an adventurous spirit, a desire to see the world and a love for diverse cultures. When I was a little girl my great-grandfather affectionately nicknamed me “Gypsy” because of my dark brown eyes. Little did PawPaw know just what a gypsy I would turn out to be having studied Spanish and traveled abroad during my college years, then living on both Maui and Kauai then back to Maui. While I’ve done my fair share of moving, I am here to stay for the forseeable future on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii!

So, what is your passion?

I’m one of those people who lives life to the fullest, always learning, always growing. My desire is to live authentically and purposefully. I love people and seek to encourage, bless and inspire everyone that I meet! I’m passionate about living holistically through my healthy habits in nutrition, fitness and homemade natural products for body and home. I’m creative and living in Hawaii only feeds my creative soul. You’ll find many gorgeous photographs from my adventures in Hawaii, upcycled art pieces and furniture redesign, to name just a few of my creative endeavors.

So, what else do you do?

I’m a freelance writer, so when I’m not blogging on Island Gypsy Hawaii, you can also find me as an editor/writer for Maui Family Magazine, as well as A Maui Blog and the Haiku Ho’olaule’a & Flower Festival. In addition to being a freelance writer, I’m also a public speaker. I began speaking in front of crowds at the age of sixteen. I loved it so much that I majored in Speech Communications in college, with a Spanish minor. I jokingly say that I majored in “talking,” and I must have done a good job because I graduated with honors from my university. I’ve also worked in radio, hosting my own lunch-hour show, as well as worked in the public relations field for several years.

So, you like Hawaii, huh?

Yes, I absolutely love the Hawaiian Islands! So much so that my husband and I have created an online community called Pray Hawaii. It’s a place where we can share about the needs on the islands and a place where tourists and locals alike can find a spot to serve the community.

Oh and remember how my hubby and I sold nearly everything to move to Hawaii? Well, if you’re looking for adventure, too, he’s now a licensed real estate agent here on Maui and would love to help you find your dream home!

Are you available for travel reviews on the islands?

Yes! I absolutely love checking out new places on the islands, whether it’s a restaurant, resort, organic farm or event.

How may I contact you?

Right here.

With mucho aloha,

Jennifer Poppy
Island Gypsy Hawaii

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6 thoughts on “Sell Everything and Move to Hawaii – at least that’s what I did!

  1. Well I’ve certainly missed out on a lot. 🙂 Congratulations on becoming a writer/editor for Maui Family Magazine! That is amazing news and a great opportunity. I’m happy for you and I’m glad to be back online so I can continue stalking this creative space of yours. 😛

Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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