Instagramming Maui: M is for…



For those of you new to Island Gypsy Hawaii, I started a blog series back in April, “Instagramming Maui: A to Z of My Island Life.” You can find a post that includes links to the entire series here, which I’ll be adding to on a regular basis. And here’s a link to my instagram site in case you’d like to stop by there.



“M” is for…



M is for May Day.

Have you ever heard of Lei Day? It’s a Hawaiian tradition (May Day/Lei Day) and our Maui school does a top-notch job of creating the perfect celebration! The entire community comes out to see all of the classes in each grade level perform various hula and island dances. Each student in the fifth grade class is selected to represent each Hawaiian island kingdom, which is beautiful to watch. One king and one queen is selected to represent the entire grade, and they perform solo dances (pictured top right and bottom left).

My youngest son danced with his kindergarten class to the song, “Taro Patch Twist” – simply adorable. And my oldest, who is in fourth grade, danced a fun hula with his class. These boys have some moves, and yes, they get them from me. 🙂

I love May Day/Lei Day, which became an official holiday in 1929 on Oahu. Traditionally, it is celebrated on May 1, however, these days schools typically wait until the end of the Spring semester to hold their celebration. If you’re ever on one of the Hawaiian Islands on May 1, try to catch a celebration downtown or at one of the resorts. I’m already looking forward to next year’s May Day celebration at our boys’ school!

With mucho aloha,



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