Things Maui Mamas Say When Preparing for a Hurricane

Aloha y’all!

In case you’ve been hiding inside a clamshell, let me fill you in on the news: two huge storms (hurricanes Iselle and Julio) are heading toward the Hawaiian Islands. We’ve been preparing over the last week and we continue to wait and pray, hoping the storms divert away from us. While we wait (and while I still have internet) I thought I’d share a few things I’ve heard over the last few days.


Hurricane Watch 2014: The view in front of our house.

Things Maui Mamas Say When Preparing for a Hurricane:

1. Wanna go to the beach?

2. Did you get water?

3. Costco is cra-zyyy!!!

4. Wanna go to the beach?

5. Don’t forget the popcorn: watching storms is the best!

6. The kids are out of school for four days – let’s go to the beach!

7. Wanna Zumba?

8. Hold on, I need to Instagram this.

9. Stay safe!

10. The calm before the storm.

And I’ll admit it, I’m guilty of several of these.


Gabe preparing for the storm, feather headband and all!


My collection of green bananas, hanging them to ripen. Because you do that before a storm, right?


Because a storm is coming & I needed to go.


Now’s a good time to do Zumba with my workout partner, right?


In the midst of waiting, I also made this rather useless video on the storm, as it’s hours before anything may occur. Although, you may enjoy it, if you’re curious to see how big my hair gets under humid conditions. There’s also a nice red hibiscus bush behind me, which is lovely to see. If you prefer a more detailed weather report, you should probably check the news. You are welcome. 🙂

I did manage to write an informative blog post on my other site Pray Hawaii, where you’ll find safety information as well as ways to pray for the islands in light of the storms.

Pray for Hawaii

All kidding aside, stay safe, even in the calm before the storm. See you on the other side! And if you can’t wait until then, well, find me on Instagram. 🙂 And for another Maui Mama (who’s actually a meteorologist) check out Malika Dudley’s website, “Life’s Swell”.

Livin’ la vida aloha,



Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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