Free Swag and Nine Other Reasons I attended WordCamp Maui

A few weeks ago, my friend Bridgett Loves Maui begged me to go to WordCamp Maui with her. She was excited about the free T-shirts (the WCMaui logo is way cool) and wanted to learn more about using WordPress for her business. Intrigued by the thought of getting to hang out with my friend, meet some new people and learn more about using WordPress, I agreed to go.

Jennifer Poppy - Island Gypsy Hawaii

(The Liza Pierce of A Maui Blog and Bridgett Loves Maui helping me show off our cute WordCamp Maui mugs)

Maybe you’re sitting there wondering what exactly a “WordCamp” is, just as I did a few weeks ago. According to the WordCamp Maui website,

WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.  WordCamps happen all around the world, and each camp has a unique flavor based on the local community.

I’m not a hardcore computer tech genius, however, I do enjoy learning new things and WordPress allows me to write blogs, share my upcycled furniture and art, as well as help other businesses and community websites get off the ground. (I love helping people!) So, if you’re like me, a writer, artist, community-enthusiast, here are nine other reasons (besides the amazing free swag) why I attended WordCamp Maui.

9.  Connect with Maui business owners, photographers, writers, humans.

8. Escape the rain and learn about amazing topics, such as Viral Blogging, Living Off the Grid and Still Doing Business, How to Not Design Like a Develper and How to Self-Publish, just to name a few. (Find links to the slides/video of all the topics here.)

7. Hang out at “The Happiness Bar” – where fresh coffee (yay!) and sweet treats were available for us to scoop up and enjoy, while connecting with other WordCamp Maui speakers and attendees.

6. Take selfies with friends, new and old. Part of connecting is simply having fun, and that is something we most definitely did while attending camp!

Jennifer Poppy & Liza Pierce

5. Gain wisdom from those who have used WordPress for their own businesses and developed amazing brands through it. My friends and I were encouraged by the speakers who were candid in sharing their personal experience and knowledge with us, so we can be successful as well, whatever our ideas of “success” may be in life.


4. Eat gourmet food! Seriously, Maui probably has the best WordCamp food in the world. Soup to Nuts in Wailuku, HI, catered the event, and served out of this world lunches both days!

(Our lunch boxes had fun phrases written on them…everyone had a blast reading them all. Attention to detail makes all the difference.)

3. Hang out with Erik Blair. Need I say more? Also, he is helping bring the Tiny House movement to Maui, so yay!

Word Camp Maui

(Bridgett, me, Erik, Malia, another guy, Tania, living it up at WordCamp Maui. Not pictured: Chris Norberg who took our picture.)

2. Encouragement to find inspiration by spending time outdoors. Several of the guest speakers shared this valuable wisdom, which made my heart go pitter-patter. We live on Maui, after all, inspiration surrounds us for design, writing, photography…the sky is the limit! In fact, on my 15-mile drive from home to the campus where we met, I saw six rainbows (some double-rainbows). Where else in the world can you do that? WordCamp Maui is the best!


1. Okay, I was kidding, the free swag was amazing, hence it deserves a second nod. From free T-shirts, to cool honu stickers, to the fun coffee mugs, a phone case and the food, the first-ever WordCamp Maui was the bomb(d0t)com. Mahalo for doing an outstanding job!

IMG_4993(Pictured: Liza, @heyadamsilver, me & Bridgett.)

Have you ever attended a WordCamp? Looking forward to another one in the future!

Livin’ la vida aloha,



8 thoughts on “Free Swag and Nine Other Reasons I attended WordCamp Maui

    • Thanks, Courtney, it was wonderful. You’ll have to go to the next one. But, you know, it’s not every day a Valentine’s Day disaster happens at your house – glad you survived! ❤ Jen

Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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