Winter on Maui – The Ultimate Survival Guide

That’s why you can’t be a true Yankee without winter: because all the best pleasures are earned – the fire, the fried oysters; the warmer seasons, too. Who knows the real worth of summer at the beach without a good taste of the seaside in winter? -Julia Glass

Aloha Hawaii-lovin’ amigos!

In case you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook, it’s been a *tad* cold here on Maui the last several days. That quote up there? Yeah, Julia Glass, I’m not a Yankee. Y’all, we don’t do cold here on the Hawaiian Islands (if you live here & you do “do cold” kuddos to you…this post is for the rest of us). It’s snowing on Haleakala today.


If you live on Maui or happen to visit when the weather is weirdly “wintry,” this “Ultimate Survival Guide” will get you through it.


1. Drink hot tea.

Lots of hot tea. Or hot coffee. Or hot water. Just keep drinking hot liquids. Trust me.


2. Over-post on Instagram.

Guilty. When you’re stuck inside due to gloomy, cold, icky weather, you’ve got some time on your hands…so why not over-post on IG? Yeah. It happens.

3. Doodle.

Grab your dusty journal off the desk and go old school, doodling the day away. It’s almost as good as the beach. (I’m gonna keep telling myself that – haha!)

4. Text your friends around the island to find out if the sun is shining where they live.

“Hey! How’s the weather in Kihei?” “What’s it look like on the Westside?”

Jennifer Poppy

We aren’t built for winter!

5. Don’t shave.

Ladies, this is our one opportunity, possibly out of a million, to finally just “go natural.” We’re wearing jeans and socks, so live it up like folks in the rest of the world in winter: skip shaving. (Sorry, no photographic evidence.)

6. Go shopping.

In case you were hiding in a cave over on Hana-side, and did not know, Target just opened last week. Bless. Or shop at a mom-n-pop shop...


Target’s on Maui! Eeee!

7. Dance.

Yeah, dance. Also, pull out your infinity scarf and contemplate these harsh winter days while taking a selfie. It always makes me feel better.

Jennifer Poppy

8. Get your taxes done.

(That one’s for my hubby…love you, sweetie!)

9. Go to work.

Well, no reason to go beach it today…brr!!! Might as well work.

10. Get laughed at by mainlanders.

LOLOLOLOLOLOL – direct quote

11. Remember the good ole’ days of sun and surf…last week.

Word. Hold those memories close to your heart.

Jennifer Poppy

Good times! (Chantelle Kanani Photography)

12. Thank God you live on Maui, and this, too, shall pass!

I had to encourage my kitty today: Hang in there, Layla! It will warm up again, the sun will shine…promise! xoxo

Jennifer Poppy

Winter on Maui – how are you surviving it?

Livin’ la vida aloha,

PS If you enjoyed this “Ultimate Survival Guide,” you may also like “Things Maui Mamas Say When Preparing for a Hurricane.” Also, be sure to subscribe to Island Gypsy Hawaii (via the sidebar) to stay up to date on life on the islands, adventures on Maui, as well as the other Hawaiian islands, and general awesomeness. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Winter on Maui – The Ultimate Survival Guide

  1. Funny how quickly you acclimate to island weather. I remember pulling out my sweats & hoody when it dropped to 60! Now I wake up to cloudless clear skies and it’s 30 degrees. brrrr but beautiful 🙂

    • So true, Leslie! I’ve always been pretty wimpy about the cold…even in Texas. Truly, if it gets below 75′ I’m freezing. LOL! Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to comment. ❤

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