Oahu Travel Series: Windward Wonders

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So, our first day on Oahu we spent on Northshore. I also shared why you should rent a car while traveling on Oahu, so if you haven’t read that post yet, please do if you’re planning a trip to this lovely Hawaiian Island. On the next day we left home base in Honolulu and headed to the Windward side (east). Y’all…words cannot begin to capture the utmost beauty one sees while driving here. You’ll pass Diamond Head and many amazing beaches on your way around the Windward side.


We made several stops at various beaches and look out points. To capture the views in one word: breathtaking. But you have to see them for yourself!



I’m a beach girl, so while on Oahu I wanted to find the BEST beach. My research pointed me to Lanikai. Luckily for me, I also found my future home there as well!


Dreamy, isn’t it? It doesn’t hurt that it sits on the beach in front of Lanikai. The only snag I ran into was trying to find parking. Gabriel and I ended up not being able to figure it out, so we headed a little further down the road and found Kailua Beach. It did not disappoint.


The water was perfection. We frolicked about in the waves, soaked in the sun and simply relaxed. I’ll be honest, I fell in love with this beach. I could go every day, if given the opportunity. Come to find out it’s ranked as one of the top beaches in the entire world. Of course. I want to live by a beach that’s #1 in the world. I’m not high maintenance, but I guess you could say I do have good taste.


I’ll cherish these memories made with my little boy on Oahu for years to come. I have one more adventure in this Oahu Travel Series: The Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor. So stick around and keep livin’ la vida aloha!



Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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