Travel Oahu Series: Pearl Harbor Pacific Aviation Adventure

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Jennifer Poppy - Hawaii

Aloha, my patient Island Gypsy Hawaii readers. Summer is in full swing in the Poppy casa and we’ve been the good kind of busy with beach days, hiking excursions, snorkeling fun and friends’ visits. But before I let another day go by I must share with you an amazing outing for the fam-bam when you’re on Oahu: The Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor - Jennifer PoppyLast autumn my youngest son and I embarked on our grand adventure to Oahu. One of the special outings we enjoyed was our tour of the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor on Ford Island.

What a treat it was to see the many vintage World War II and modern aircraft! I had never been to Pearl Harbor before and when we pulled up in our little rental car, there was a definite shift in the atmosphere. Your spirit just knows that something tragic and life-changing happened from the moment you arrive.

Many people make an effort to see the USS Arizona Memorial while on Oahu. I’d also highly recommend taking time to visit the Pacific Aviation Museum for an even greater understanding of all that took place that fateful December day. I was surprised to discover that the attack on Pearl Harbor actually began on Ford Island. The bullet holes at Hanger 79 are still evident, preserving a piece of history from that day.

Pear Harbor - Jennifer Poppy

Our host Anne Murata was an absolute delight and helped even my tired co-pilot re-energize with fun activities like getting to sit in a real cockpit!

Pearl Harbor - Jennifer Poppy

Pearl Harbor - Jennifer Poppy

Whether you are obsessed with aviation, history or just looking for an interesting tour while on Oahu, the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor is a top-notch excursion that has something for everyone!

Pearl Harbor - Jennifer Poppy

So many unique aircraft!

Pearl Harbor - Jennifer Poppy

Gabe getting to meet one of the wonderful museum actors.

Pearl Harbor - Jennifer Poppy

One of the many murals featured at the museum.

Pearl Harbor - Jennifer Poppy

Click here for educational opportunities for students at the museum!

Pearl Harbor - Jennifer Poppy

They are currently working on restoring this beautiful tower. The museum is a non-profit and it takes a lot of work to restore and preserve these pieces of history on Ford Island.

Pearl Harbor - Jennifer Poppy

I really liked this quote from the Women of Aviation exhibit.

Amelia Earhart’s 118th birthday is coming up! You can celebrate with a fun day at the museum: 11am to 1pm – Celebrate with cake and refreshments; 8am to 1pm – Free Admission, Free Shuttle for families with at least one person in costume. (Fun Fact: I dressed up as Amelia Earhart for a 4th grade presentation. I got to wear my dad’s leather bomber jacket from the 1970s – it was uber cool!)

Aviation Adventure: 


Another fun event to look forward to this summer is the Biggest Little Airshow: Sat, Aug 15 to Sun, Aug 16 – Drive onto Ford Island for their 7th Remote Control Airshow…There will be music, food, drinks, retail and entertainment booths and exhibits, keiki rides and activities, and lots and lots of airplanes. Sponsors, vendors, and booth participants are invited to participate.

Be sure to check out their website for more information. There are kama’aina rates for Hawaii residents, so if you live on the islands like me, then take some time to explore this historic gem of the Pacific. If you’re planning a trip to Oahu, be sure to add this stop to your bucket list.

Island Gypsy Hawaii

(*The opinions in this article are 100% mine – I was not compensated for my visit to the museum.)


Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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