Poppyversary 2015: Cafe Haleiwa on Northshore Oahu

Aloha y’all!

This past April my hubby and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary with a trip over to Oahu. After an early morning flight, leaving behind a very rainy Maui, our boys and my mom, we arrived in Honolulu. Since the weather was so blah on Maui, we were nervous that Oahu would be the same. Thankfully, the sun was shining and while it was windy, we did not mind because the rain stayed away. After getting our rental car we headed straight to the North Shore.

Jennifer Poppy - Hawaiian Airlines

I love sleep because it’s like a time machine to breakfast.

Jennifer Poppy - Haleiwa

I quickly researched Monica Swanson’s blog for North Shore breakfast recommendations. Cafe Haleiwa seemed like it would the perfect way to kick off our Poppyversary 2015, with a surfy-vibe, delicious food and decent prices.

Jennifer Poppy - Haleiwa

Cafe Haleiwa was easy to find, which was nice because we were reallllly hungry! The beachy atmosphere was perfect for this ocean-obsessed girl. I enjoyed watching the tourists, as well as the locals enjoy their homestyle breakfasts and coffee. I ordered this plate of yum and was thankful that I did.

Jennifer Poppy - Cafe Haleiwa

Just looking at this picture makes me want to go there again. So delicious! Both of our meals definitely hit the spot and we will certainly return again on our next Oahu adventure. After breakfast it was an easy stroll down the street to do a little bit of shopping. Greg picked out a He>i shirt and we met the kind manager while we were there.

Jennifer Poppy - Cafe Haleiwa

If you find yourself on North Shore Oahu, be sure to check out Cafe Haleiwa for a taste of local culture and ono food.

Livin’ la vida aloha,


Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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