Explore Maui: Trilogy Excursions is a “Must Do” Activity (Part 1)

People talk about their bucket lists, but to be honest with you, I don’t have one myself. I have dreams in my heart of things that I’d like to do, places I’d like to visit and goals I’d like to accomplish. But my bucket list is more like a “dream holder” – a place where I envision what I’d like to see happen, but I hold it loosely, as to also live a life of contentment in the “now”. Amazingly, my life on the Hawaiian Islands has presented me with many “pinch me – is this really happening” moments, one of which includes an adventure with my mom this past spring.

Jennifer Poppy - Trilogy Excursions

Heading over to Lana’i for the day!

My mom and I share a love of  water, boats and exploring. It’s in our blood, I suppose, with several of our ancestors leaving their European homes to traverse the Atlantic on the Mayflower, as well as all of our many ancestors who settled across America. So, when we were given the opportunity to go with Trilogy Excursions from Maui to Lana’i for the day we were beyond excited!Jennifer-Poppy-Maui-Trilogy-Excursions

We were at the very end of whale season and had zero expectation of seeing any on the trip. However, half-way through our voyage something magical happened: a family of whales appeared and were coming toward our catamaran! It was the perfect ice-breaker for the forty passengers, as we all gathered closely to see these magnificent creatures. One of the wonderful crew members, Matthew Wheeler, captured the awe-inducing moment using his underwater camera:

Photo by Matthew Wheeler

Photo by Matthew Wheeler – Follow him on Instagram @oceanblueshawaii


The passengers gather to watch the whales.

Just being on the catamaran in the middle of the Pacific brought a smile to my face. I got to see the bluest, cleanest water that I’ve ever laid eyes on: at one point the water created the most unbelievable pattern from the sun’s rays. It was gor-geous, y’all!


My mom felt like she was in heaven, daydreaming about working on the ship every day…meanwhile, I joked about how I could definitely see myself sailing every day…A boat ride a day keeps the island blues away. That’s how the saying goes, right?

Jennifer Poppy - Trilogy Excursions

Wind in my hair, I don’t care.

If you’ve ever sailed with Trilogy Excursions, then you know just how special it is to be on board. The service is impeccable, the food is delicious and the hospitality exceeds expectations!


Yummy breakfast!

The entire crew goes the extra mile to  make you feel at home and they bring a ton of “aloha” on board, giving you the joy of feeling like “ohana” by the end of the day.


The fantastic and fun Captain Bryan explaining the upcoming adventure in store for us!


Katie, our Co-Captain, rockin’ it – you go girl!


Crew members Matthew and Chandler hoisting the sails while I photograph their hard work. It was fascinating!

You are more than just a passenger on the Trilogy, you are a fellow sojourner, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. (Although I’m kind of thankful I wasn’t asked to hoist anything – that looks tough – lol!)


There’s more to share about this fun adventure…tune-in tomorrow for Part Two of my Trilogy Excursions tour!

Island Gypsy Hawaii

*While I enjoyed this excursion in exchange for my review I was not financially compensated for it; 100% of the opinions expressed are my own, and I paid my gratuity.


Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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