Explore Maui: My Trilogy Excursions Adventure (Part 2)

Welcome to Part Two of my Trilogy Excursions adventure! Here’s Part One to catch you up in case you missed it. After our beautiful journey from Maui to Lana’i, Uncle Solomon shared a Hawaiian legend about the point on the island. He welcomed us with a proper aloha to his island of Lana’i, from which his family lineage goes three or four generations back! There’s something so special about one extending “aloha” to you and it’s moments like this that make me grateful to be in Hawaii!


Uncle Solomon talking story as we arrive on his island of Lana’i.

We first landed on the beach where many of us enjoyed snorkeling and hanging out there for the day. My friend Mike, also from Lana’i, met me and my mom there, so we enjoyed visiting with him during that time.

Jennifer Poppy

Visiting our friend Uncle Mike. 🙂

After “talking story” for a bit, it was time to go into town. Some chose to stay at the beach to snuba and snorkel but I wanted to see the community of Lana’i. (I will have to return, so I can have the opportunity to “mermaid” over there!)


One of the passengers shared his special connection to the island: as a teenager he worked in the pineapple fields. Not only did he work in the fields, but back in the 1970s he set the world’s record for the most pineapples planted in one day. His record still stands today: over 30,000 pineapples! Our driver was stoked to meet this record-setter and was happy to discover that his record was even larger than what she had been recounting for years. He was a celebrity for the day!


Aunty talking story with the record holder and his lovely wife in front of the pineapple fields he helped plant as a teen.


Auntie stoked to take a photo in front of the former Dole pineapple fields with this pineapple-planter record holder!

Something that was evident throughout the tour was that the people of Lana’i are resiliant, strong and courageous. Before the pineapple business came to the island, ranching was the life-blood of its people. After Dole shut down pineapple operations in the 1980s, tourism became the island’s main form of financial stability. Hunting is also very popular on the island, wth tourism hunting bringing in a significant amount of revenue. Despite the pineapple no longer being king, it remains so much a part of the culture. Pineapples are the symbol on many of the island’s signs and old pineapple fields dot the landscape. Our tour guide shared with us that there are plans to revive the pineapple industry there again in the near future. We shall see what happens, but one thing’s for sure: no matter what this closely-knit community will go on.


Beautiful plumeria on Lana’i.


A local store on Lana’i.


Natural beauty everywhere!


Handpainted signs adorn the businesses across the island.

After our tour of the town we were brought back to a lovely pavilion near the beach, overlooking the harbor. The captain and crew had prepared lunch for us, which really hit the spot!



Captain Bryan putting the final touches on our meal.


Lunch with a view!

After a full day, we boarded the catamaran again to return to Maui. It was so much fun watching the crew hoist the sails! It takes a lot of work to get those sails up – it looks like a fantastic ab workout. But I guess I’ll never know. Haha! We watched a wonderful sunset on the way back, topping off our Lana’i adventure.


Until next time, Lana’i!

If you have the opportunity to visit Maui, be sure to check out Trilogy Excursions, as you will receive a lot more than a boat ride, you will have memories that last a lifetime!

Trilogy Excursions: Visit Trilogy’s Website here.

Livin’ la vida aloha,


*While I enjoyed this excursion in exchange for my review I was not financially compensated for it; 100% of the opinions expressed are my own, and I paid my gratuity.


4 thoughts on “Explore Maui: My Trilogy Excursions Adventure (Part 2)

  1. We have done all of the Trilogy tours for several years. We recommend it to everyone going to Maui. It is always a great day. Thank you to all team members for making a lot of family memories. Mahalo

  2. Aloha Jennifer! Mahalo for sharing your journey to Lanaʻi with us! I was blessed to visit our neighboring island for the first time about a week ago and it was amazing! The history of Lanaʻi, its landscape, its people… all filled with aloha. Iʻm glad you felt that, too! 🙂

Happy thoughts anyone? xoxo Island Gypsy

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