Turtle Bay Resort: From Sunset to Dinner, Our Amazing Anniversary on Northshore, Oahu

My wonderful husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on Oahu. We dubbed our trip #Poppyversary and in this series, I’m letting you in on all of our adventures on this fun island. Our first day was full of awesome and began with an exploration of Haleiwa Town. We hung out at local beaches afterward, then headed to the magical Turtle Bay Resort for an evening we shall hold dear for years to come.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Northshore

Much to my delight, the waves were really kickin’ on the Northshore that morning!

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Northshore

Greg mesmerized by Northshore waves.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Northshore

Waves such as these make one feel so small…I think that’s why I love the ocean so!

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Northshore

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know palm trees are my fave!

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Northshore

This lifeguard stand is located at Waimea – an amazing spot to catch waves for the brave!

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Northshore

Tourists stand in awe of the ocean’s raging waves.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Northshore

I’m a sucker for cool island vans.

We made it over to Turtle Bay Resort just before sunset, allowing us time to explore the impressive space for a bit. Just off the beaten path, we found our own little spot to watch the waves and relax.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Northshore

A quiet moment, just the two of us at Turtle Bay.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” (Mignon McLaughlin)

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Northshore

I found this heart-shaped coral at Turtle Bay! It was meant to be. 😉

I highly recommend checking out the beach at Turtle Bay, as it’s great for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, walking, watching sea turtles, etc. If you’re staying at Turtle Bay Resort, I believe they offer many excursions and amenities for you to choose from with their “Oahu Guidepost Travel Professionals” helping you find what’s best for your vacay adventures.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Turtle Bay Resort

Our little beach hang out.

After our beach time we got ready for our sunset cocktails and dinner at the resort. Our first stop: The Point, which is one of the most spectacular spots to watch the sunset on Northshore.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Turtle Bay Resort

His and Hers signature cocktails: The Shaken Sunset.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Turtle Bay Resort

Stoked to watch the Sunset from The Point.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Turtle Bay Resort

Our pupus really hit the spot! I enjoyed the Stacked Blue Corn Nachos with smoked chicken.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Turtle Bay Resort

And let’s be honest, Greg and I shared because that’s what couples do!

Our food was excellent, and the service met our every need. It was quite windy that day, so while we would’ve enjoyed our original seating on a calm day, we were concerned that our food my fly away and asked to be seated at the bar instead. The staff happily obliged, and we continued our meal at the newly renovated and uber-cool pool bar instead.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Turtle Bay Resort

The Point: Sunset Pool Bar

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Turtle Bay Resort

The sunset from Turtle Bay Resort did not disappoint!

Before our farm-to-table dinner at the Kula Grille, we explored a little more of the resort.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Turtle Bay Resort

Who else wants a massage in this beach bungalow? It was magical to see!

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Turtle Bay Resort

What a dream chapel by the sea!

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Turtle Bay Resort

Soaking it all in…

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Turtle Bay Resort

My happy husband.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Turtle Bay Resort

These surfboards make me smile.

If you’re looking for fine dining on the Northshore, look no further than Kula Grille, the resort’s farm-to-table restaurant. Our meal was absolute perfection.


I need more of this in my life.

Our waiter was attentive and helpful with every question we had for him. Where was this chicken raised? What was his name? (Okay, I kid, that’s a Portlandia reference for you hipster folks.)

Jennifer Poppy-Kula Grille

No caption needed.

Jennifer Poppy-Kula Grille

Our waiter was the bomb.com and even selected this dessert from heaven for us.

Our experience at Turtle Bay Resort’s pool bar and restaurant was unforgettable. We hope to experience more of the resort in the future, but the food alone was worth the drive from Waikiki!

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu

Happy 12 years to us!

(Wanna read more of my Oahu adventures? Go here.)


Jennifer Poppy

*While we did enjoy this meal complimentary of Turtle Bay Resort, the opinions in this article are 100% mine, and I was not financially compensated for my writing.


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