Coffee is for Lovers: A Morning at Honolulu Coffee Company

As Greg and I were planning our 12th wedding anniversary trip to Oahu, we knew that a local coffee shop had to be part of the itinerary.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Honolulu Coffee Company

Coffee is for Lovers!

You see, it was at a local coffee shop back in Texas way back in the old days, okay, it was just 2002, that we fell in love. Well, Greg fell in love. I still had him in the “friend zone” but he knew he wanted to marry me!

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Honolulu Coffee Company

The Honolulu Coffee Company located at the historic Moana Surfrider

The Honolulu Coffee Company seemed like a good choice to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. We took a walk from our Waikiki hotel down to the Moana Surfrider location for breakfast and coffee.

Oahu (188) Oahu (189) Oahu (193) Oahu (194) Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Honolulu Coffee Company

If you have a chance to walk at Waikiki Beach, do it! It’s such a great spot to people watch and soak in all of that Hawaii big-city goodness.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Honolulu Coffee Company

I loved the gifts and coffee mugs at the shop. It’s a great spot to pick up vacay souvenirs.

Jennifer Poppy-Oahu-Honolulu Coffee Company

We enjoyed a cold treat that morning – the Nutty Hawaiian with whip, of course, you must get the whip cream #treatyoself.

Oahu (178)

Couples who coffee together, stay together. ❤

Jennifer Poppy - The Honolulu Coffee Company

Happy 12th Anniversary to us – coffee really is for lovers!

Jennifer Poppy - The Honolulu Coffee Company

Yummy fresh fruit cup for breakfast!

The baristas were top-notch and made our coffee dreams come true. We decided to explore the location a bit more…have you ever enjoyed a cup o’goodness from The Honolulu Coffee Company? They have several locations, so be sure to check them out when you have the opportunity. Remember #treatyoself #yum 😉

Oahu (184)

The Moana Surfrider

Jennifer Poppy - The Honolulu Coffee Company

A grainy, yet happy picture of us at the Moana. #poppyversary

Jennifer Poppy

(Wanna read more of my Oahu adventures? Go here.)

*While we did enjoy these coffee treats complimentary of Honolulu Coffee Company, the opinions in this article are 100% mine, and I was not financially compensated for my writing.



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