To Surf is to Live…A Private Surf Lesson with Zack Howard Surf

“To surf is to live” – or something like that…I came up with that quote but I’m pretty sure that most surfers would agree. This past summer I had the pleasure of joining my friend Courtney on a private surf lesson with Zack Howard Surf.

Jennifer Poppy-Maui Surf Lessons

This is my pre-surf-lesson face. Focused. Ready. Let’s do this with the longboard.

It was a cloudy day and the waves were pumpin’ on the Westside. Courtney and I met up with our surf instructor Caleb and began the lesson.

Jennifer Poppy-Maui Surf Lessons

First step: Pose with the longboard. Just kidding, this is post-surf sesh. He gave us a thorough lesson and encouraged us that he would be with us each step of the way.

I had a blast out on the water, and felt totally comfortable, thanks to Caleb’s instruction on how to paddle out, and tips for actually catching a wave. He was fun to watch, too, as he’d do this move IN THE WATER!!!

Jennifer Poppy-Maui Surf Lessons

Owner Zack Howard is a world-class professional surfer and has traveled all over the world in places such as South Africa, Costa Rica, Brazil, Tahiti and Indonesia. You can book private lessons, group lessons or even guided tours here on Maui.

Jennifer Poppy-Zack Howard Surf

If you’re looking for more one-on-one attention when learning how to surf on Maui, then I definitely recommend checking it out. For more information: Zack Howard Surf or Maui Vacation Advisors. It was a lovely way to kick off my summer, that’s for sure!

Jennifer Poppy


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